Our Story

Andres, David, Eduardo, and Leonardo are four Venezuelan brother friends. During the COVID pandemic, these four musketeers and their families podded up. They met every week for Friday lunch and one day Andres arrived extremely frustrated. He was fed up of dealing with tons of empty boxes from his family’s weekly deliveries. He even bought an extra recycling bin, but that didn’t solve his problem. He was overwhelmed and needed a way to easily break down their boxes. So the team started brainstorming. Originally, they thought of making a power tool, and quickly realized they want to make something simple that can be safe and sexy to have in every doorway. 

What’s so unique about this group is they all come from such different backgrounds and each one brings value in their own way. With an architect, mechanical engineer, IT engineer/banker, and neurosurgeon, each paid attention to detail in different aspects of the product creation process. One the design, another the function, the cost efficiency, and the market vision. And so, BoxBuster was born. 

So to sum it all up, BoxBuster was created by a brotherhood with the mission of bringing a product to the masses that allows for no-fuss recycling of cardboard boxes. We invite you to join us on this pursuit. Whether you are cutting up your boxes in order to reuse them in creative ways or simply breaking them down to fit more cardboard into your recycling bin, that's less cardboard heading to the landfills so you are saving our earth one box at a time.