What's The BoxBuster?

BoxBuster is an innovative tool with a 2-in-1 blade designed to cut cardboard boxes efficiently and look great while doing it. We want to make it easy and accessible for you to repurpose, dismantle, stack and recycle your cardboard. Let's save our earth one box at a time.

  • Slice Tape Smoothly

  • Disassemble Boxes safely & easily

  • Save our earth proudly


The Box Buster's main blade ( retractable and replaceable) is safely protected between the wings. The blade reveals itself only when pressing the lock button which permits the wings to pivot when the BoxBuster is positioned on the box, ready for cutting. Once dismanteling is complete, the BoxBuster automatically pivots back to the original position, hiding the blade for extra safety.

The BoxBuster also includes a curved blade at the rear end which is only activated with the push of a button (rear button).


Boxbuster's main blade is durable and compatible with most cardboard boxes. These blades together with the ergonomic design give a mean cut.

The main blade is two sided, doubling its lifespan. Once you feel it's time for a replacement, take out the blade and switch its side.


Its ergonomic non-slip grip handle allows for great control and a very efficient cut through the angles and corners of your boxes, as well as easy handling of the rear blade with minimal physical effort or discomfort.


Its patent pending modern design includes two wings that allow for intuitive placement at a box’s edges. The ergonomic design enables effortless cutting with minimal effort. With the BoxBuster you simply push the safety button and glide through cutting up your boxes. 

As mentioned, we built this tool with design in mind. Your BoxBuster can be stylishly stored in the triangular faux leather case and sit in the entrance of your home. Like a sculpture :)