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Box Buster's main blade ( auto-retractable and replaceable) is safely protected between the wings. The blade reveals itself only when pressing the lock button which permits the wings to pivot when the BoxBuster is positioned on the box ready for cutting. Once finished cutting, the BoxBuster will automatically pivot back to the original position hiding the blade for extra safety.

The wings are there to guide you through cutting the most tedious part of a cardboard box- the corners. Simply place the boxbuster on the corner of the box, press the release button, glide through those corners and voila, your box is disassembled.

First off, BoxBuster isn't a box cutter; its the ultimate box recycling tool! Most box cutters are a disaster waiting to happen, we do something that most box cutters can't do; we guide you safely through disassembling a box. 

We built the BoxBuster with design and function in mind. We didn’t cut corners (pun intended) when it came to quality. We used top of the line materials, even added a rubber grip for extra comfort.

By the way, did you know we even added replacement blades that are nestled inside the tail-end of the BoxBuster.

The rear blade's prominent function is to help you break apart any packaging that isnt the box itself.

The rear blade is extra fun because it has multiple uses. Mainly used to slice through tape, you can get super creative and use this blade for your DIY projects! Want to carve out a shape? The rear blade can help with that.

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We did some testing and the answer is YES! So, right handed, left handed, and ambidextrous people get recycling- no excuses :)

Almost all cardboard boxes! Most parcels that come to your doorstep should work perfectly with the BoxBuster. We've used it to disassemble furniture boxes with ease!

We offer USA free shipping! Woohoo! We also offer free returns within 30 days of purchase for products that arrive damaged.

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How To Change The Box Buster Main Blade

How To Change The Box Buster's Rear Blade?

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